Wine and calories…

Lately, when I’ve been sampling wine, I carefully view, smell and taste the wine, take notes and swallow what I’m tasting. Then I repeat. I find I tend to be able to rate a wine more accurately when I do this.

Unfortunately, I’ve been noticing some weight gain of late (not just due to wine, I’m sure) and started wondering how many calories I’ve actually been consuming.

Well - here goes in case you were wondering: both red wine and white wine contain an average of (approx) 100 calories per 5oz glass. This is about 40 calories less than a 12oz serving of regular beer and cola and on par with a 12oz serving of light beer.

I suppose this means I should probably limit how much wine I’m actually swallowing - but, because I don’t want to let my readers down, I will take the caloric hit. Besides, isn’t there revasterol and polyphenols in wine?

I guess I just need to walk an extra mile in Napa…

4 Responses to “Wine and calories…”

  1. Nancy says:

    Of course, you’ve gotta factor in the alcohol. There’s a difference between a wine that’s 10% and 15%. Better not even to try, is my philosophy… ;-)

  2. admin says:

    An excellent point Nancy. 100 cals is for wine that is about 13% alcohol. Ah, the sacrifices I make…

  3. Cheap Wine says:

    I say keep drinking the wine and just workout a little more.

  4. joeshico says:

    Did you know that there are different calorie counts for the different varietals of wine. I sure didn’t, until my wife wrote an article for my Dec 2nd post for my wine blog. I don’t adhere to it though. Like you I walk the extra mile or just but new pants.

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