The Noblest of rot? Rot Crust? Mmmmm….

During our Napa trip last week we decided to venture further north to Calistoga to sample their bevvies (not the spring water, needless to say). Along the way, we discovered a neat winery called Castello di Amorosa.

Walking up to the Disneyland-like Tuscan castle, we expected a fair amount of kitsch. But there was almost none. Everything in the castle was an authentic antique or hand-painted mural. The wines were served up in the cellar, and there were even quite a few Italian grape options.

My favorite, though, was the Anderson Valley Late Harvest Gewurztraminer (2006). I’m not usually a dessert wine person, but this was lovely - like honey and lychees, yet not too sweet. The taste is the result of “noble rot.” The concept is like ice wine, which is sweet because the flavors are trapped in an ice crust. In Napa, because of the heat, there’s apparently a “rot crust” instead.

While it doesn’t sound like the most appetizing method, I promise the end result is delicious!


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  1. morewines says:

    Funny how that is. I remember working in a tasting room where they had a very good Johannisberg Riesling. Yes, it had the fungus, Botrytis. Something I would sometimes avoid trying to explain to people. They at times could be really turned off by that. As for me, I’m the one that likes Brettanomyces in my Pinot Noir, Give me that barnyardy Pinot and fungus in my ice wines.

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